What You Can Do!

See that guy sitting next to you? Does he answer to the name "JJ"? If so, just point him to this page.

If not, you can still participate. Have a look at the videos posted here and send me your own at makemedehner@gmail.com
We'll post the best ones to YouTube and include them on the site - so get creative!

If you're a blogger and want to cover this shamelessly self-promotional stunt, I'm open to all story ideas, publicity and participation. Just send me an email. But, please, PLEASE do not harass anyone at Bad Robot or anyone from the Orci, Lindelof and Kurtzman writing team. This page is meant to be a light-hearted fun way to get some attention and possibly get me into Star Trek. The last thing I want to do is prevent working professionals from doing their jobs because they have to read fan mail about me. When the timing is right, I will make sure they hear about me.

Link to me here from Twitter, Facebook and wherever you're hanging out on the internet.