My Credentials

Credentials? I got your credentials.

With the Alien Interloper

  • Genuine fan of Star Trek
  • Working actor and Internet personality: IMDB
  • Has interviewed dozens of Star Trek celebrities for DVD Geeks, CreationTV, Bif Bam Pow Wow and Roddenberry Productions.
  • Fluent in technobabble - Proof? Voice of The Computer, Star Trek: Reunion (machinima series)
  • Participated in panel discussions defending the merits of JJ Trek
  • Looks good in blue
  • Can comfortably wear mirrored contact lenses
  • Currently lives on an M-Class Planet, Paramount Studios adjacent
  • Natural blonde
  • Tall drink of water like Sally Kellerman
  • Knows the difference between all the Galactic Quadrants
  • Has already encountered alien life forms.
  • College graduate
  • Loves lens flare
Really loves lens flare.

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