Thursday, November 10, 2011

Written out of the comics, but not writing this off

More and more news is rolling in on the Star Trek sequel. We have a finished script, cameras are planning to roll in January and Benicio Del Toro is slated to be a yet-to-be-revealed-villain. Know what we don't have? Dehner. That's right, you heard me. As Issue #1 of the IDW Star Trek series stated, Dehner has been transferred due to a "change of heart" regarding her relationship with McCoy (I personally have had absolutely NO change of heart about McCoy or Karl Urban). If IDW books are canon, that may be a red flag that they have no plans on making Dehner a part of the sequel. I'm not discouraged by this. Disappointed, yes. I'm disappointed that they chose not to include another rich female character in their timeline. However, I certainly haven't given up. It was always my intention to push to play Dehner, but I knew there was a possibility she wouldn't be in the sequel. We still aren't certain of this. Star Trek movies have always diverged from the books and comics. 

I do tend to wonder, what's with all the bro-mance? You've already got a Bones/Kirk friendship and a newly-formed Kirk/Spock alliance, so why do we need a Gary Mitchell/Kirk story rehash? A new timeline with our modern perspectives could have meant Nurse Chapel being more than a lovesick puppy pining for a man she couldn't have. Yeoman Rand could have been more than a glorified assistant with a thing for Kirk. If IDW was going to introduce a past relationship between Bones and Dehner, why not explore that in the movies? Isn't sexual tension the making of many great things? We've got to have more than Uhura on the bridge at some point. The TOS movies had Saavik, Ilia and Valeris to name just a few.

If Orci, Kurtzman and Lindelof don't want to bring back TOS female characters, then create someone new. They developed a whole new timeline to be able to do whatever they wanted, so why play it safe? Are they worried the hardcore fans wouldn't accept a new main female bridge character? Regardless, decisions like killing Spock's mother and transferring Dehner have some fans wondering if the writing team can really write strong female characters. On the November, 8 G and T Show, my favorite Star Trek podcast, Teri and Nick discuss this very topic in detail. Teri goes so far as to say that JJ Abrams and co. are afraid of breasts and vagina. Their lively discussion, which mentions my Dehner campaign, inspired this blog entry. It got me thinking, where are all the smart, emotional and tough Star Trek women in the JJ verse? Uhura is definitely not enough. Showing your support for Dehner is letting them know that there's room for more complex female characters. 

Remember, do not feel bad for me if we find out Dehner isn't in the script for the sequel. Things can always change. Whether Dehner is a one-line reference in the beginning of the movie or a bigger character, my little campaign is still a success. If I'm just a walk-on extra, this campaign is still a success. If all I get from this is a bit of notoriety and some continued fun with my Trek friends, this campaign is still a success. I believe in doing something for yourself instead of just talking about doing it. Make Me Dehner is my mission to be pro-active about my passion for Star Trek and acting, and I'm not one who backs down easily. Thank you for your support and encouragement. There are more fun Dehner-esque goodies coming your way! 

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