Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A tweet is just a tweet or is it?

For the record, I have no inside scoop on the Star Trek sequel, but I will say this, I am paying close attention to the Twitter feeds of key people involved. This morning, Roberto Orci retweeted this "There's no way the new #StarTrek comic, in stores Wednesday, has a subtle clue about the plot of the next movie. Right @boborci?" The tweet originated from Mike Johnson, @mikecomix, who is a writer for IDW's Star Trek comics. Star Trek #1, written in conjunction with Bad Robot and Bob Orci, explores the "Where No Man Has Gone Before" adventure from TOS with the new timeline. Just the fact that this tweet came from the writer of this particular book to one of the writers of the sequel speaks volumes even though he is neither denying or confirming the Gary Mitchell tie-in to the new movie. My fingers are crossed so hard it hurts.

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