Saturday, July 30, 2011

Blondes To The Bridge

When I interviewed Grace Lee Whitney (Yeoman Rand) last year at the Vegas Con, she asked, "Where are all the blondes? She was, of course, referring to the lack of blondes in the 2009 Star Trek film. It got me thinking. The Original Series was full of flaxen-haired beauties in every department. From Nurse Chapel to a bevvy of captain's babes, Star Trek featured the finest toe heads this side of the galaxy. So has blonde fallen out of favor since the 60s? I bet, Kaley Cuoco (Big Bang Theory) and Anna Torv (Fringe), two successful, smart TV blondes, would beg to differ.

"Don't mess with blondes."
Unforgettable in my book.
In my mission to make myself Dehner, one of my selling points for the role is that I have blonde hair. While on the surface, blondes are relegated to what I call the bimbo-factor, many blondes use low expectations to get ahead. Marilyn Monroe and Jessica Simpson certainly made careers out of playing the "dumb blonde." One of the many things I love about Star Trek is that blondes don't have to play into the "Born Yesterday" stereotype. They can kick ass a' la Martha Landon in "The Apple." Even though she was a red shirt beaming down to a planet, she didn't die. Many of her male counterparts were not so fortunate. Sure, blondes on TOS also got their share of attention from the male crew. There was clearly a Nurse Chapel/Spock "thing" happening. I always wanted the Rand/Kirk "thing" to come to fruition. Romance aside, these ladies were breaking new ground in 60s TV. In fact, people forget there was a blonde on Star Trek before William Shatner even got there. Susan Oliver, anyone?
Recognize her without her Orion green?
So, why no blondes in JJ's Trek? Sure there was the mother of Kirk (played by Jennifer Morrison) and that one blonde in the background, but I want a blonde on the bridge like in the good ol' days. "Where No Man Has Gone Before" had two! In addition to Dehner, you had the young Yeoman Smith, who Kirk mistakenly calls "Jones" (played by Andrea Dromm). There's no reason JJ Abrams shouldn't have any number of blondes in the sequel. Certainly, Nurse Chapel deserves to be there, and I have everything to gain by it being Dehner. I hope it's both! Star Trek has had a long-standing history of strong women, not just blondes. Uhura definitely delivered in the JJ-verse. That's why I have faith that he and the writing team can create complex, flawed and compelling blonde-haired characters. Don't we deserve at least one? Heck, Ronald D. Moore, made a male character, Starbuck, a tough-as-nails female character on the re-vamped "Battlestar Galactica." And guess what? She was a blonde and people (eventually) accepted it and even liked the choice.

Please, not them.

If JJ puts blondes in the sequel, I hope it's not as Mudd's women. Remember, two out of three were blonde. I'd prefer shrewd lawyer Areel Shaw or Roberta Lincoln (at least she has a high IQ) over them. Given a choice beyond Chapel, Dehner is clearly a strong one. She's got it all - brains, ambition, chutzpah and a whole heck of a lot of knowledge of the human mind. With characters as conflicted as they are in the JJ-verse, they are in need of a psychiatrist on the ship. Let's make her Dehner, let's make her blonde and let's make her me.

Czerwinski out.

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  1. The noble blonde tradition in Star Trek should be upheld! Didn't Kirk almost marry that "little blonde lab technician?" And what about that Carol Marcus who he had his only son with? How about breaking the temporal prime directive to ensure that the 23rd century could have just-one-more-blonde in the mix with Gillian Taylor?

    Please don't say that the blonde tradition died with Tasha Yar! And don't say that Kes or Seven of Nine don't count because nobody likes Voyager! The lack of the fair hair in Star Trek 2009 could well be our only criticism. Yes it's time that the blonde got a good, fierce and inspired representation as Star Trek re-presents itself again.

    Dehner is positively the best to bring forward.

    She evaluates crew response in stressful situations --this is rapt for comic, poetic relief!

    Cmon, Orci and Kurtzman, you already grabbed the magnificent Delta Vega from WHERE NO MAN HAS GONE BEFORE, why not take the dammed Aldebaron colony this time around? Pick up a crew member to work the psychology of the crew! And just because there's potential for "tin-foil" eyes, don't mean the story has to go there.

    Heck. She could just be the annoying, yet sexy, yet canon beauty monitoring Kirk's growing hands.

    Actually don't do the hands again.

    Hey Star Trek!